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Expert Consultation


Professional consulting services

The first step is to understand your needs  in our partnership, choose the right product depending on  your requirements,

because product selection often determines the success of the project. In addition, unlike most mobile video surveillance

solution providers, ShenZhen SoloChina Co.,Ltd offers a complete solution and technical support; So the priority is depending

on your specific needs and providing a precise solution .

The company has been established for over 10 years, we have established a technology-leading R & D team and a sound

sales consultant team; dedicated to provide you with professional services.

· Service Aims –  We are committed to supporting every of our core customers, including automotive operating companies

                           and government, business, consumer, and authorized partners to deliver the best customer experience.

· R & D team –  We have a strong technology development team to provide you with different security solutions.

· Sales Consultant Team –  Each of our sales engineers has a dedicated technical support service to provide you with

                                            on-board monitoring solutions.






Government: Police vehicles, Urban environmental vehicle


The government agent has a lot of vehicles. The most needed is to forensic video of emergencies, and control center

real-time management simultaneously to inform and resolve issues promptly . We can achieve the purpose of remote

monitoring through 3G or 4G data transmission. Meanwhile, we create a comprehensive mobile video monitoring solution

for the government through peripheral intelligent hardware devices and various alarm functions.





Company: Operating vehicles, trucks

It is the focus to record bad behavior, cargo damage and lost forensic for the passenger vehicles (buses, taxis) operators, 

freight transport companies and companies with their own vehicle supervision, driver behavior supervision, passengers ;

We can provide a cost-effective solution according to the company's regulatory requirements ,Provide GPS tracking and

positioning, cross-regional alarm, emergency alarm and other functions.





Dealers and contractors


Not only have we developed some cost-effective, high-quality standards for our distributors and contractors, but also

assisted them in the production of project solutions, customized services and follow-up services to the end of the project.