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Solution Design and Customization


Solutions Customization

All MDVR system or solution from Che Yixing can be customized in order to optimize the operation performance and

effect of your application. 



System Design and Engineering

Regarding to advanced projects, our system engineers and products advanced manager teams will design unique

solutions and plans to fit your specifications. 




Requirements analysis

We will work together with you to analyze your needs and will help to quickly identify details of design solution, from

products development, features to installation and operation.

Our analysis for needs will help to:

• Identify the best technology and equipment for your application

• Confirm the number of MDVRs and cameras and configuration of server equipment.

• Confirm the installation place of the equipment.

• Confirm video recording and storage requirements (real-time and partial frame video, storage, etc.)

• Confirm the integration needs of external systems and devices

• Finally, create a custom solution that best suits your needs.